The smart solution for different lighting needs

Apart from being a celebrity and society figure, not everyone may be aware that Tessa Prieto-Valdes is actually an interior designer by training and profession, having initially studied architecture at University of Sto. Tomas and later, interior design, graduating from the prestigious University of Norte Dame in the USA. As such, she knows more than a thing or two about designing and planning interiors, and places much importance on the lighting fixtures that go not only into her many projects but her own home as well.

“I’m very particular about lighting as it greatly contributes to the overall design and ambience of a room”, Tessa explains. “Its color and intensity can either make the room warm and cozy, or strong and vivid.” The challenge with lighting however, is that once installed, it is most likely already there to stay; when you want to alter the ambience or lighting effect, you have to change the lights all together, which can implications on cost and convenience.

The recently held Worldbex 2016 saw the introduction of Tessa Prieto-Valdes as the newest Nxled brand ambassador, as she visited the Nxled booth, as well as the launch of the next generation in LED lighting from the trusted brand. Committed to innovation, Nxled brings to the market the Chameleon series, an adaptive LED line designed to suit the different lighting needs of today’s practical and energy conscious consumers. Be it for the quentissential condo dweller maximizing a specific area or an entrepreneur renovating the office space to increase functionality and productivity, the Nxled Chameleon series offers innovations that revolutionize the concept of lighting—and living—with its ‘dimmable without dimmer’ and color-changing technologies.

Nxled’s Dimmable Without Dimmer Series features an adaptive technology that allows lighting products to dim without the need for a dimmer switch. This feature, the first in the Philippines, is suitable for the energy and environment conscious. Consumers thus can choose the brightness of the LED light sans any special equipment, starting with fullbrightiness(100%) and gradually dim to 50% to 25% to 12.5%.

Meanwhile, the color-changing series has three (3) color temperatures to adapt to the user’s need, preference or mood. They can choose from daylight, warm white or cool white, according to the time of day or the activity at hand. Want to sit back and read a book? Then switch to daylight. Want a cozier atmosphere? Warm white is perfect.
Making it more special is that the Nxled Chameleon Series is controllable with a flick of the existing switch, allowing for user convenience and ease without complicated re-wiring or electrical changes.

“Nxled is committed to continuously developing and offering innovative lighting solutions for every Filipino and we are delighted to introduce the Nxled Chameleon LED Adaptive Lighting,” says Marian Gomez, Nxled marketing manager. “This new product line allows consumers to enjoy a variety of lighting options at home or in the office in one package without need for special installation.”

The Nxled Chameleon series is available in a wide range of high quality LED products—from bulbs and down lights; to ceiling lamps and tubes—all perfect replacements to the existing lighting fixtures where beauty, high technology, efficiency and cost effectiveness come together seamlessly.


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