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Color Your World with Nxled Chameleon Series

Have you ever experienced the capability to change your light bulb’s brightness depending on your needs, rather than bear its full intensity at all times? Or have the power to shift from bright daylight to the calmer cool white, and end with a relaxing warm white without the hassle of actually going up the ceiling to change bulbs? Nxled, one of the tech pioneers in lighting, has made these possible – and even let you make the adjustments with the convenience of your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth!

Akin to the color changing reptile, the Nxled Chameleon series adapts to the user’s mood, preference or need.

Did you know that the natural color that a bulb produces actually has an effect on our biological system? Studies show that depending on the range of the bulb’s visible color spectrum, it may have different effects on our body. Here’s an article about it on the New York Times. These effects can either be bad or good. Proper lighting can increase mental alertness, work performance and reduce fatigue and sleepiness.

Choose daylight at the early part of your day when you would need maximum, natural looking brightness to give you the right ambiance and energy to work full steam on your tasks. Switch to cool white as your day progresses and eventually go for warm white for a more relaxed and cozy vibe as you signal your mind that your day is about to end. You can even gradually control the brightness with its dimmer function that doesn’t need an actual dimming switch.

Other perfect applications would be in hotel or building lobbies and function halls, such as ballrooms and conference rooms. Set the right ambiance and wow your guests with the Nxled Chameleon color changing lights by switching color temperatures in an instant!

Making the Nxled bluetooth bulb extra special is its multiple capability of changing its color and dimming without an actual dimmer switch. It even has preset scenes which can also be customized to let you automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of your lighting in a single press, as well as turn the light on and off just by shaking your phone. Another added feature is the caller alert. With this function, the Chameleon Bluetooth bulb will glow and change its color continuously to signify an incoming call.

The Nxled Chameleon series is also available in a wide range of high quality LED products. Aside from bulbs, the Chameleon series line also carries LED integrated downlights, LED ceiling lamps and LED tubes— all perfect replacements to your existing lighting fixtures– no rewiring or replacement of switch needed.

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