Fathers are almost unstoppable when work is laid upon the table. But once in a while, you also need to breathe and relax. On your special day, Nxled gives you several ideas to finally put a light on your nest to rest in. Game-themed Playing never gets old, especially if we are talking about video […]

Upgrade your home with innovative lighting products from Nxled. Nowadays, multifunctional items that offer advanced technology and convenience are often found in modern homes. Make sure yours does not get left behind. Upgrade your home with high-quality, innovative products from Nxled, the next generation in lighting. Install the Nxled Smart Ceiling Lamp, which, aside from […]

Homes and establishments rely on emergency lights as their main arsenal against power outages, being that they light up as soon as the power trips. Nxled introduces the Emergency Bulb Nxled, Next Generation Lighting, offers an innovative solution to power failures with the new Nxled 6 Watts Emergency Bulb. This revolutionary bulb works like a […]

Have you ever experienced the capability to change your light bulb’s brightness depending on your needs, rather than bear its full intensity at all times? Or have the power to shift from bright daylight to the calmer cool white, and end with a relaxing warm white without the hassle of actually going up the ceiling […]