Bring your Man Cave to Life

Fathers are almost unstoppable when work is laid upon the table. But once in a while, you also need to breathe and relax. On your special day, Nxled gives you several ideas to finally put a light on your nest to rest in.


Playing never gets old, especially if we are talking about video games. Get your gaming experience as fun as it could with Nxled’s Smart Music Bulb. With its three variations of light (plus music for just chilling), it can easily set a good ambiance—enough to steer a playful mood without overpowering the game screen.

Media Center

Fathers are usually good at investing, and some are into investing to their wisdom through reading books. Having a library or a study room at home is best geared with meticulously selected lighting. Choosing Nxled’s Round Surface Downlight will certainly keep your eyes comfortable with a cozy gleam it displays.

Adult-play Room

Men tend to spend more time in their garage more than their living room. Considering that this particular space in a house is likely to be the most disorganized, this Father’s Day, rev up your man cave with the Solar Wall Light of Nxled to help you find a better access with your needs for your car and home repairs.

Home Pub

Why keep your reminiscent of your youthful days when all you do was bar hopping, when you can party all day in your own home? A home bar is a great idea if you are into chilling alone with a glass of wine or spending a good few shots of tequila with your buddies. And to polish this concept, transform a Nxled’s Music Desk Lamp into a ceiling light hanging over bar counter.

For in every day that you put your family’s need over yours, make this day an exception and give yourself the man cave you deserve!

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